Research Study: Information Politics and Digital Activism in Emerging Democracies. 

A comparative analysis of Latin America and East Asia..

Project Description

This study explores the impact that information politics and digital activism have on party systems and other political institutions vital to the consolidation of democracies in these regions.. Read more  

How to Participate

We are interviewing and surveying citizens of voting age and members of political parties in East Asia and Latin America.  If you are interested in participating ..Read more  

Project News

Our research staff are on the ground in East Asia and Latin America.  Click here to stay abreast of our findings and other news.  Read more  

Your Rights as a Participant

The privacy and protection of all our study participants is extremely important to use.  Read more   

Project Highlights

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Why compare East Asia and Latin America?

It’s hard to compare regions as diverse and large as East Asia and Latin America, particularly as ...

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Preliminary Findings: Comparison of Students’ View of Their Political System and Tech in Chile and Taiwan

Last month we completed our student survey in Taiwan, which as mentioned coincided with the ending ...

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Do mobile and Internet-enabled technologies affect people’s perception and experience with democracy?

The 2013 Latino and East Asian Barometer surveys reveal that support for democracy continues to ...

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How does technology affect party systems in emerging democracies?

The term party institutionalization is used to measure the strength of party systems in ...

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